Ante/Post Natal Pilates

Ante Natal Pilates

Pre and post natal Pilates at HolisticalmAnte natal classes provide a gentle approach to Pilates.  They focus on your changing body and dealing with any postural repercussions you may be experiencing.

You may be experiencing weakness, pain or stiffness, the emphasis is focused on control of the pelvic floor and strengthening surrounding muscles to copy with the demands of pregnancy and birth on your body. We focus on breathing, co-ordination and balance, all these aspects change during pregnancy.

Our classes are suitable for women at any stage of pregnancy up to the due date.

Post Natal Pilates

Post natally I  accept women back after their 6 week check up. These classes focus on your return to exercise after birth.  I  tackle any postural problems you are experiencing as a result of the pregnancy and birth. Your posture may also be affected due to extra demands on you for example lifting the baby and feeding the baby.

I am currently looking at setting up classes for ante and pre/post natal Pilates. Please get in touch with times that work for you and I will keep in touch.