How to Look After Yourself

How to look after yourselfToday’s lifestyle is full of daily stresses and strains (21st century lives), life is at a much faster pace, we work longer hours and drive to work (which can be stressful). Spending long hours at the computer can be contributory to causing aches and strains in our back, neck and shoulders as well as possibly eye strain.

We don’t seem to have as much to unwind and enjoy life, at the end of a demanding day we just flop on the sofa or even in bed. It is important for our health (mentally, physically and emotionally) and our relationships that we take time out for ourselves.

Try to enjoy the things you like to do that make you relax, either going to the gym, walking, reading, spending times with friends. A fantastic way to look after yourself and relax is keeping healthy with holistic therapies. I myself attend regular Pilates classes and enjoy de-stressing with regular massage, reflexology and reiki treatments, and sometimes a pampering facial when time allows. I enjoy walking and reading and going to the gym as much as possible.

  • Try and exercise regularly (something you enjoy – swimming, walking, gym, yoga, Pilates, cycling)
  • Take time out for yourself and try to slow down
  • Enjoy a hobby or spending time with friends or family
  • Try deep breathing to release stresses and strains
  • Try to release knots in shoulders by rolling them and stretching when at work
  • Be kind to yourself (do not try to do too much)
  • Try and eat a well balanced diet (plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables)
  • Massage and holistic therapies could help reduce the feelings muscle tension and stress